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TMHE Philosophy

TMHE Philosophy 

TMHE’s mission is to be the first-choice partner in material handling. By choosing TMHE our customers benefit from our way of working, and our way of thinking, in which continuous improvement, teamwork and respect are key elements. The renowned Toyota production System – now widely adopted by other manufacturers – was built on these principles.

The Toyota Way is part of our history as well as our future. TMHE was established in 2005 but its roots go back to the first BT hand pallet truck in 1948 and the first Toyota counterbalanced forklift truck in 1956.

TMHE is committed to conducting business in a fair and honest manner and aims to be recognised as the most respected and trusted material handling partner in Europe – truly the first choice.

Our mission

The Toyota Way


Code of conduct

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Forklift fleet management

To be the first choice partner in material handling operations

Toyota's success stems from vision and dedication to a set of common principles

The Toyota and BT brands share a proud heritage

The code of conduct forms the cornerstone of our uncompromising integrity





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