Toyota Material Handling Europe and EU-OSHA will jointly promote safe maintenance across Europe.


Importance of safe maintenance

Safe, proper maintenance is critical to efficient business operation. As a service-oriented company with about 4,000 technicians making 3.5 million customer visits each year, Toyota Material Handling Europe is committed helping its employees and customers enjoy safe, healthy and productive working environments.

For that reason, Toyota Material Handling Europe partnership’s in the EU-sponsored Healthy Workplaces Safe Maintenance Campaign makes perfect sense for us – and our business partners. It is a way for us to raise awareness about safe maintenance internally with our service engineers and factory employees, as well as with our valued customers.

The Healthy Workplaces campaign on safe maintenance is sponsored by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and raises awareness about the importance of maintenance and the risks if maintenance is not carried out safely and properly. More details are available at http://hw.osha.europa.eu.

Facts about safe maintenance

EU-OSHA has collected some key facts about workplace safety and safe maintenance:

An average of 5,720 work-related accident fatalities occurs in Europe per year.
Up to 20% of all workplace accidents are maintenance-related.
Accidents increasingly tend to happen not during normal operation, but rather during repair,
maintenance, cleaning, adjusting, etc.
Accidents happen because lifting equipment is not inspected and not maintained regularly.
Uneven, potholed, sloped or slippery surfaces can cause forklift truck accidents, slips and

You can learn more about EU-OSHA at http://osha.europa.eu.

Official European Partner

Toyota Material Handling Europe is very pleased to join the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) as an official European campaign partner for the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2010-2011. Together, Toyota Material Handling Europe and EU-OSHA will be promoting the importance of maintenance and safe maintenance practices across Europe.

Safety is a top priority in materials handling operations. As one of 30 official European partners for the 2010-2011 campaign – and the only partner from the materials handling industry – Toyota Material Handling Europe will build on its ongoing safety programmes to enhance awareness and use of safe maintenance practices among our own employees. In addition, we aim to work with business partners and other interested parties to promote safe maintenance practices.

Toyota Material Handling Europe’s commitment

  Matthias Fischer, President of Toyota Material Handling Europe, explains our commitment to the EU-OSHA Safe Maintenance campaign: “When it comes to safety, prevention is always the best cure. The health and safety of our employees and those who use our products is central to our commitment to being a reliable business partner and a responsible member of society. Our goal is accident-free workplaces and we see participation in the EU-OSHA Safe Maintenance Campaign as a way to build on our employee safety training programmes and promote a safe maintenance culture internally and with our business associates. The Toyota Material Handling Europe organisation fully supports the EU-OSHA safety initiative as a way of helping us all to be safer together.” 

Safety first in service and manufacturing

Maintenance plays an important role in keeping machinery running smoothly – not only for tens of thousands of Toyota customers across Europe but also at Toyota Material Handling Europe’s factories. The EU-OSHA safe maintenance campaign is an opportunity to share knowledge and raise the profile of maintenance and safe maintenance practices.

Toyota Material Handling Europe’s service network – about 4,000 service engineers across Europe – takes safety to heart. Our service engineers receive safety training as part of the company’s Service Technician Education Program (STEP). STEP helps Toyota service technicians across Europe deliver consistent, high-quality service, maintenance and repairs. Safe maintenance techniques are an important part of the STEP curriculum, and the EU-OSHA campaign is an opportunity to further raise awareness and knowledge and exchange best practices for safe maintenance. Click here to learn more about our service solutions.

In addition to innovations that support safe operation – like the Toyota SAS forklift stability system and the BT Reflex tilting cabin – Toyota Material Handling Europe has consistently put safety first in its manufacturing operations. Each of our three production centres has set up a safety “dojo” (“dojo” means “school” in Japanese) where employees receive detailed safety training in topics like risk assessment, personal protective equipment and safe handling of chemical products. Safe maintenance campaign materials are also part of the safety dojo training programme. Click here to learn more about our production centres.