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Used forklifts

Used Truck Solutions 

Buy with confidence

There are many situations when buying a used forklift truck can be the best option for your business.

It could be that you need a truck immediately, but would prefer to own a truck rather than hire one. Or you may only need to use a truck occasionally and so a used truck can represent good value for money.

Even large fleet operators can gain value from used trucks by utilizing them to supplement their core fleet and in the process build some flexibility into their operation.










Buy an Approved Used Truck and you can buy width confidence and peace
of mind.

Approved used forklift   Our guarantee of quality stems from the fact that the only trucks we accept on to our Approved Used Truck programme are Toyota and BT forklift trucks that have been fully maintained by us from new using only genuine Toyota and BT parts. This means that we have maintained the built-in quality of these trucks during their entire operational life.

You can be sure of the quality of an Approved used truck without having to worry about a complicated classification system that grades trucks according to different levels of quality – with us the word ‘Approved’ says it all.

It also means that every Approved used truck undergoes an individual preparation programme based on our intimate knowledge of the truck. We believe that this not only guarantees their quality, safety and performance, but also provides you with value-for-money pricing.


Approved Support Package

Used forklifts  

Every Approved used truck also comes with a choice of flexible support packages to give you additional peace of mind and to help protect the value of your investment.

These support options include:
• A comprehensive Approved used truck warranty plan.*
• An Approved used truck exchange plan.*
• An Approved used truck ‘try before you buy’ plan*
• A specialist Approved used truck service plan.*

*Terms and conditions apply and may vary from

What’s more, all Approved used trucks are eligible for any of our Rental Plans and Service Contracts in exactly the same way as our new trucks.


A partner you can rely on

 Approved used forklifts    With an Approved used Toyota or BT forklift truck, you get top-quality products and back-up from a reliable and secure business partner. You can also be sure that you will receive the same levels of support and have access to the same services as those enjoyed by our new forklift truck customers.
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