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Toyota I_Site 

More than fleet management

Toyota I_Site is the intelligent forklift fleet management solution that helps you improve in four major areas: cost, productivity, health and safety, and environment. An exclusive blend of wireless technology and ongoing support, Toyota I_Site instantly connects you to essential forklift fleet data and includes advice from Toyota specialists. With Toyota I_Site, you are in full control of your material handling business every day!

  • Reduction of cost  
  • Optimisation of
          fleet size and
          quantity of drivers  
  • Improvment of
         machine utilisation 
  • Improvment of
         driver utilisation     
  • Driver acecess
  • Driver licences 
  • Shock lockout 
  • Impact reduction 
  • Pre-operational 
  • Optimisation of
          machine usage & 
  • Optimisation of 
          battery usage & 
  • Driving your business to the next level

    We developed Toyota I_Site to respond to the industry’s growing complexities. This solution gives you access to your fleet situation from anywhere via an easily accessible web portal. Thanks to Toyota I_Site, you can authorise trained drivers on specific machines and monitor truck deficiencies, goods damage, battery status, etc.

    This tool provides information that enables you to make factual analyses and develop efficient plans of action. Furthermore, the Toyota I_Site forklift fleet management system comes with full support from our certified experts – a powerful way to be safer together while running healthy and prosperous businesses.

                                                                                                                              Toyota I_Site new dashboard 

    Highlights: the pre-operational check

    To meet tomorrow’s challenges with more focus on safety, we have extented Toyota I_Site with the pre-operational check – a digital safety questionnaire that is centrally managed in Toyota I_Site.

    Adjustable on any kind of forklift, the pre-operational check helps fleet managers:
    • ensure that the machines are reliable and safe to use, both for the driver and the goods;
    • comply with the regulations – the drivers must check the condition of their forklift before starting operations.

    If critical failure is identified during the driver’s check, the forklift is immediately and automatically immobilised or an alarm is activated.


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